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Our goal at Dominion Valley Home Services (DVHS)  is to provide you the purchaser of a service in Manassas VA, a trusted and honest service provider that cares about your specific solution to a service problem.   Our residential clients always give us a great review and make sure we get to bid on all their home repairs.  Home owners desire to make their family feel comfortable and secure....that's what we do!​

Our business clients have ranged from small to large corporations, government, and state, but our niche is helping small and medium business save money and time when dealing with service contractors.


Call us today for custom solutions and services. 


"My wife was tired of our old drab room colors in our house and outside.  We called several painters to give us a quote.  Most never called back or even showed up.  I found DVHS on the Internet and before you know it a painter was at the house, looked over the job, specified the type of paints I needed for the inside and outside, and quoted the job.  What a difference in our house.  They covered everything and when they left you never knew they were here. Call  DVHS  today for all your interior and exterior painting needs."


Charlie D.

Manassas VA



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